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Pinky's Blog

When you have plumbing issues, many of them can be fixed without the help of a professional. However, there are many other repair issues that are more complex and need the expertise of a skilled Plumber, Electrician or HVAC Technician. With a little guidance, you may be able to fix your plumbing problems on your own, or understand exactly what the plumber is doing on your behalf.

Winterize your home yourself or…

10 November 2014

Some of the things you can do to winterize your home are relatively cheap and easy for you to do yourself.

Tags: Service, Tips, Ballard, Renton, West Seattle

Posted in: Home

Check Your Heating System

29 October 2014

The cold weather has arrived

Tags: Furnace, Service, Renton, Ballard, Seattle

Posted in: Heating

A Halloween Cautionary Tale

15 October 2014

Many of you will be carving pumpkins with your children

Tags: Clogged Sink, Tips, Ballard, Seattle, West Seattle

Posted in: Drain-Service

How to unblock a garbage disposal

5 September 2014

If you have standing water in your kitchen sink and turning on the garbage disposal doesn't drain the water, then it's most likely clogged with debris. 

Tags: Plugged Drain, FYI, Seattle, West Seattle, Ballard

Posted in: Drain-Service

A Plumbers Tip to Keep Your Drains Clear

28 August 2014

The idea is easy and will save you some frustration and money down the road...

Tags: Plugged Drain, DIY, West Seattle, Seattle, Ballard

Posted in: Home

Fall Plumbing Tips

18 August 2014

Don’t be caught off guard

Tags: Service, DIY, Seattle, Ballard, West Seattle

Posted in: Home

Tankless Water Heaters…What are the benefits?

12 August 2014

Never run out of hot water!

Tags: Water Heater, Installation, Seattle, West Seattle, Ballard

Posted in: Home

What Causes A Faucet To Leak?

6 August 2014

The most annoying of sounds...

Tags: Plumbing, DIY, Seattle, Renton, Ballard

Posted in: Home

What Size Water Heater Do I Need?

14 July 2014

A tank that’s too large will increase your energy bill unnecessarily. One that’s too small will leave you frustrated in a cold shower. 

Tags: Water Heater, Tips, Renton, Seattle, Bellevue

Posted in: Home

Hi-Efficiency Toilets…Worth It or Not?

9 July 2014

It may be time to consider installing the new high-efficiency toilets in your home

Tags: Plumbing, Service, West Seattle, Seattle, Renton

Posted in: Home